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"The project sees Gray weave driving electronic music and spoken word samples with archived mid-century video footage to create a retro-futurist collage of sound and vision."

   Joyzine UK


"Telesonic 9000’s sound embodies a driving rhythm section, Mellotron textures, and sleek electronic flourishes. Combining pulsating beeps and rhythms, spoken word samples, and synths evoking the dawn of the computer era, Telesonic 9000 collages techno beats and sentiments surrounding vintage technology."




“Telesonic 9000 effectively immerses us in a self-reflective retro-futurist universe and frankly there isn’t anything quite like it."

Sonic Trips


"The music on Progress fizzes with optimism, with krautrock-fuelled grooves, YMO-style electronic twinkles and, most notably on ‘Build Today For a Better Tomorrow’,  electro-funk workouts – all tied together by his hypnotic jazzy live drumming."

    •MooKid Music


“A brilliant and inventive drummer, Telesonic 9000 performs in perfect synchronicity with his video creations. With the help of archival images he explores the origin of rhythm and the noises of machines, illustrating a sound and visual journey."

Casa da Música


"The audiovisual stunner..."

Museum of Americana


"The mashup of video and music feels alternately bracing and hypnotic."

Columbus Alive

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