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Channeling an era of progress and optimism towards a future which never arrived, the multimedia art rock project Telesonic 9000 weaves together energetic music and midcentury film footage to produce a unique brand of retrofuturist sound and imagery.

Formed in Berlin by American drummer and producer Dominick Gray, Telesonic 9000 was initially conceived as a solo show interplaying video projections with reactive live drumming. This allowed Dom to use an audiovisual framework to explore the ideas of American identity and the recent past while expanding upon his roots in instrumental music. The project serves as an outlet to release music, short films, and stylized imagery, all centered around a "film-concert" - an immersive audiovisual live performance which combines dynamic musical explorations with highly synchronized visuals assembled entirely from midcentury archive films.

Now based in Ann Arbor, MI, Telesonic 9000 recently released the energetic new single "Information", accompanied by a kaleidoscopic music video.

Quote for the new single Information

Dominick Gray, the drummer and producer behind Telesonic 9000, says:

“The idea was to make a song that conveys the nature of our information age, which is simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. The digital revolution, for all its wow factor, has turned communication into a superhighway of static noise.”


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photo credit: Kat Arndt

Press Quotes

"The project sees Gray weave driving electronic music and spoken word samples with archived mid-century video footage to create a retro-futurist collage of sound and vision."

   Video Premiere: Telesonic 9000 – Information at Joyzine UK

"Telesonic 9000’s sound embodies a driving rhythm section, Mellotron textures, and sleek electronic flourishes. Combining pulsating beeps and rhythms, spoken word samples, and synths evoking the dawn of the computer era, Telesonic 9000 collages techno beats and sentiments surrounding vintage technology."

    •Telesonic 9000 Dials In its own Unique Brand of Synth-Infused Retrofuturism with “Information” at Post

"The music on Progress fizzes with optimism, with krautrock-fuelled grooves, YMO-style electronic twinkles and, most notably on ‘Build Today For a Better Tomorrow’,  electro-funk workouts – all tied together by his hypnotic jazzy live drumming."

    •'Progress' at MooKid Music

“A brilliant and inventive drummer, Telesonic 9000 performs in perfect synchronicity with his video creations. With the help of archival images he explores the origin of rhythm and the noises of machines, illustrating a sound and visual journey."

•Casa da Música

Notable Performances

Casa da Música - Porto, PT
Music Tech Fest - Berlin, DE
Live Performers Meeting - Rome, IT
Live Fact - Kuala Lumpur, MY
Future Soundscapes Festival - Berlin, DE
More Than Music at Kagurane - Tokyo, JP
Toledo Museum of Art - Toledo, USA

Telesonic 9000 is a recipient of the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo's Accelerator Grant, supporting the licensing of HQ footage from various archives.



Dominick Gray

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