Telesonic 9000 is a multimedia project led by American drummer Dominick Gray. Combining the experiences of seeing a concert with going to a cinema, the band embodies an energetic electro-acoustic style incorporated with hundreds of mid-century archive films, dense with retrofuturism and a "future-is-now" sensibility.

Developed in 2015 as a solo project while Dom was living in Berlin Germany, the show is a highly synchronized blend of electronic music, live playing, and kinetic film imagery. He spent 4 years performing the "Telesonic Film Concert"  to unsuspecting audiences across Europe, the US, and Asia, culminating in the release of the album and film "Progress" in 2019. Now based in the US, the show has evolved into a full-band/live-cinema setup, with a rotating cast of versatile musicians and video operators joining Dom onstage to produce a unique audiovisual spectacle.

The Modern World EP will be released in summer 2021.

The Short Story


The Long Story

Telesonic 9000 is the brainchild of American drummer Dominick Gray. Conceived as a solo project which would combine the experiences of going to a concert with seeing a film, Telesonic 9000 has since developed into a full multimedia band, with versatile musicians and real-time projections bringing the audiovisual spectacle to life on stage.

Musically, Telesonic 9000 embodies an energetic, forward-moving, cinematic blend of acoustic and electronic elements. A rolling rhythm section, electronic mallet percussion and mellotron-heavy pads coincide with technologic sound effects, spacial textures, and spoken word samples. Visually, it is dense with mid-century American imagery and retrofuturistic aesthetics. All of the songs are accompanied by kinetic videos comprising of hundreds of reassembled archival films. These elements are brought together in an immersive live show which has been performed in several countries around the globe.

The project was originally developed in 2015 while Dom was living in Berlin, Germany, as an outlet to perform original music as a solo drummer. In addition to his work as a session drummer and member of the band Alright Gandhi, he spent years touring and refining the show in far-flung places around the globe, playing the “Telesonic Film-Concert” to unsuspecting audiences. Dom mentions, “People would show up thinking, Who is this guy with a drumset and a projector? Usually they’d find something they connected with in the show, or would simply walk away confused.” Performances from this time include Music Tech Fest (Berlin), Live Performers Meeting (Rome), Casa da Música (Porto), Live Fact (Kuala Lumpur) and Chicago Filmmakers.

The stage show from this period was condensed into a debut album and accompanying 50-minute film called Progress in early 2019. This was followed by tours around the US, Germany/Italy/Baltic countries, and Japan.

Telesonic 9000 eventually expanded into a full band setup for live shows, with a 5-person group incorporating electronic mallet percussion, synthesizers, bass, and live video operation. “The whole idea is to give people the experience of going to a cinema and a concert at the same time, with a realtime mix of video clips, sound effects, and music.” Dom says. The live shows and standalone music videos utilize clips from over 300 archival films, producing synchronized audio-visual moments and augmenting the dynamic progression of the songs. A rotating cast of musicians join Dom onstage, with the European team representing 4 different continents.

After returning to the US in late 2019, Dom began work on the EP Modern World, which will be released in summer 2021.


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