The Story


Channeling an era of progress and optimism towards a future which never arrived, the multimedia art rock project Telesonic 9000 weaves together energetic music and midcentury film footage to produce a unique brand of retrofuturist sound and imagery.

Taking cue from the creative explorations of new wave bands and early electro-pop, Telesonic 9000’s sound is embodied by a driving rhythm section, mellotron textures, and sleek electronic flourishes. A kinetic collage of postwar film clips accompanies each song, marked by space age sound effects and spoken word samples. Dense with “future-is-now” sensibility, the final product is a distinct style of music-film that sounds new, looks old, and feels like the future we've been waiting for.


The concept is brought to life in an immersive live show, blending dynamic music with video projections synchronized in realtime.

Formed in Berlin by American drummer and producer Dominick Gray, Telesonic 9000 began as a solo show interplaying video projections with reactive live drumming. The “Telesonic Film Concert” was performed and refined to unsuspecting audiences in clubs and art spaces around the globe, culminating in the release of the 50-minute long album/film Progress in 2019.


Following tours of Europe and Japan, Dominick returned to the US in late 2019, expanding the project into a full band for live shows.

The video pieces make inventive use of public domain footage (Progress was assembled of clips from over 300 films) exploring the ideas of American identity, the recent past, and long forgotten visions of tomorrow.

“I wanted to mix the experiences of going to a concert and cinema at the same time,” Dom says regarding the idea behind Telesonic 9000. “You can have the energy and emotion of what are normally separate experiences joined into one.”

Telesonic 9000’s upcoming EP Modern World is inspired by the early computer revolution, and looks at life and times in our techno-society. Modern World arrives on November 5th.