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Telesonic 9000 is an audiovisual anomaly that looks old, sounds new, and feels like the future.

The solo project of the American drummer and producer Dominick Gray, Telesonic 9000 combines kinetic art rock music and archive mashup film imagery to create an inventive form of multimedia that is as nostalgic as it is forward-looking.

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Telesonic 9000.

The audiovisual anomaly.

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Equal parts musical act and video experiment, Telesonic 9000 remixes the past into the future with a unique fusion of genre-bending instrumental music and kinetic mashups of midcentury archive films.

Dominick Gray, the Ohio-born, Berlin based drummer behind Telesonic 9000, produces the music and edits the footage to capture an essential feeling connecting time, technology, and the lost visions of the atomic age.

Telesonic 9000’s immersive live shows combine a concert with a film screening, built around inventive drumming and retrofuturist visuals.

Dom’s versatile background as a drummer for a variety of projects has seen him perform in 15+ countries spanning 4 continents, including Telesonic 9000 tours in Japan, Italy, and the US.

"The project sees Gray weave driving electronic music and spoken word samples with archived mid-century video footage to create a retro-futurist collage of sound and vision."

   - Joyzine UK

Here’s a short excerpt of Telesonic 9000 at Rome’s Videocittà Festival 2023:

Larry Meyer


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