Dominick Gray is an American drummer and composer.

Having performed with a variety of different musical projects in 15+ countries spanning 4 continents, he brings a unique and creative voice to all of his musical endeavors.

Born and raised in Toledo, OH, he began studying drums at the age of 12 at the celebrated Toledo School for the Arts. There, along with private lessons from a number of different teachers, he played in percussion, pop, and jazz ensembles, orchestra, and pit in various musicals. This intensive practical and theoretical education provided a strong foundation for his future musical endeavors. At this time, he also began creating original music with the instrumental band Phantasmagoria, releasing 3 full-length albums and performing regionally.

Dom studied composition, percussion, and film at Columbia College Chicago for a brief period, and then worked in the theater world of Chicago until deciding to pursue music full-time in Europe. From 2014 - 2019, he lived in Berlin, Germany (though it's more accurate to say he lived out of a suitcase, touring around and returning to Berlin occasionally). It was shortly after this move that he developed
Telesonic 9000, an ambitious multimedia project involving hundreds of archival films re-spliced to original music. In addition to session work (Brian Jonestown Massacre, 4 Minute Mile, Itaca, etc), and performing with a wide variety of artists throughout Europe, Dom most notably worked with the pop trio  Alright Gandhi , touring in 15+ countries around the globe and releasing 2 albums - “Little Traveller” and “Somewhere Else”.

Dominick writes music for various short/feature film projects, and also creates music videos, sound design pieces, and personal work combining those disciplines.


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